Certified tomatoes and vegetables only

We follow very high standards and severe procedural guidelines to guarantee, first of all, safety and health. We can demonstrate it. Here are the main certifications of our farm and of the products we bring to the fruit and vegetable departments of the many supermarkets we serve every day.

Our products:
good but also safe

Certifications of products
Certifications of the farm

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Traceability, selection, safety

Safety and traceability are always guaranteed: each product by Moncada comes exclusively from Sicily.

We do not settle for only  bringing fresh and savory vegetables to your table, we also want to guarantee safe products for our customers.

This is why our farm follows the most rigorous procedural guidelines about cultivation and production: to guarantee controlled, healthy and high quality products.

Our vegetables boast certifications that guarantee the health of consumers, of the field and of the people who work it.

The innovative and scrupulous selection process of tomatoes which enter the packaging line, adds a further step in the guarantee of quality.

The whole production chain complies with the highest safety standards guaranteed by constant monitoring of the entire process.

Certifications of products

Protected Geographical Indication (PGI)

Since 2021, we have increased our investments for the production of the PGI Tomato of Pachino, allocating the new greenhouses, sited in the coastal hamlet of Marzamemi, to the production of Sicilian horticultural excellence.

The authentic PGI Tomato of Pachino grows only in the saline fields of this narrow south-east area of Sicily, fed by water rich in minerals which, thanks to its proximity to the sea, give an unmistakable flavor to this variety of tomato.

We are part of the Consortium for the Protection of PGI tomato of Pachino which protects, on the market, the authenticity of our products against counterfeiting attempts.


Nickel Free*

Since 2021 part of Moncada’s productions is nickel free*: thanks to the innovative soilless cultivation techniques, in the new technological greenhouses, it is possible to obtain a certified product. Our nickel free* production is regularly tested according to governing regulations.

Our Nickel free* tomato complies with the needs of all those people who have developed a nickel allergy or who want to be on a  nickel-free diet.

* DT 01/20 food farming product which contains quantities of nickel below the measurable limit (<0,01mg/kg) cert. n.ag/prd/21/135

Organic and integrated control

Our long path towards more and more sustainable, environmentally and man-friendly crops has led to obtaining organic cultivation certification. Since the Spring of 2020, part of our crops have been converted to an organic regime. Nowadays, thanks to the certifications obtained, we sell products with ORGANIC denomination.

In our opinion, the organic concept is not only for the protection of the fields, of the consumers and producers’ health, it’s also a goal that rewards the great commitment towards the respect for biodiversity applied to the whole production system.

For decades, we have been implementing integrated controls to create the right conditions for sustainable development. Thanks to the Sinergie production system, we integrate the employment of useful insects with traditional cultivation systems, in total compliance with health and the environment. Furthermore, we are partners of the Operation Pollinator international biodiversity program which foresees the increment of pollinating insects’ number, creating specific environments suitable to local conditions.


Certifications of the farm

Global G.A.P.

We follow the Global G.A.P. (Good Agricultural Practice) which establishes and allows to produce according to good applicable agricultural practices.



We have voluntarily chosen to follow the rules established by GLOBAL GRASP (Global Risk Assessment on Social Practice) that is the standard for good social practices. It means that we care about the health and safety of workers and the social consequences of our conduct as a farm.

IFS Food

We work according to the IFS Food standards which aim at food safety and the quality of processes and products. The standards we observe guarantee the absence of product contaminations during the packaging process.


* DT 01/20 food farming product which contains quantities of nickel below the measurable limit (<0,01mg/kg) cert. n.ag/prd/21/135