Fruttoghiotto premium line

Selected tomatoes, more intense flavor

We reserve special care in the selection of our tomatoes, this is why they deserve it. To enhance their special organoleptic properties, we cultivate them with great attention according to specific agronomic techniques that allow the fruit to obtain a greater concentration of flavor. This is how our Fruttoghiotto premium line was created. These are selected crops, not intensive agriculture: the plants are treated one by one.

Eco-friendly packaging

We have created a series of innovative and eco-friendly packaging for this special line: small cardboard trays whose material derives from certified forests (FSC and PEFC) and biodegradable and compostable cornstarch wrap.

Costoluto tomato - Fruttoghiotto

Costoluto tomato

Marzanetto - Fruttoghiotto

Marzanetto® tomato

MIX - Fruttoghiotto

Mix of tomatoes

Yellow cherry tomato - Fruttoghiotto

Yellow cherry tomato

Red cherry tomato

Red cherry tomato

Orange datterino tomato - Fruttoghiotto

Orange datterino tomato

Yellow cherry tomato - Fruttoghiotto

Yellow datterino tomato

Red datterino tomato - Fruttoghiotto

Red datterino tomato